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Kenton has been working out a lot lately, and it shows. It's not only his body changing thanks to all that effort, his sex drive is heightened too. He's always been a horny young man who likes to enjoy his dick, but these days he's jacking off several times a day, in-between having fun with his lucky partner. His young uncut cock is getting some appropriate attention during his morning routine in the bathroom, excited by the sight of his immaculately sculpted body in the mirror, his erection growing harder in his shorts. He releases his throbbing tool, displaying himself in all his magnificent glory and moving to the shower to soak his smooth and defined body. His cock cries out for a stroke, something he's more than eager to do, soaping up and playing with his rigid tool while soapy suds drip from his scrotum and slide down his muscular thighs. The boy will need another shower after taking a seat and oiling his toned physique and demanding erection, turning to play with his tight little rump, parting his cheeks and slipping a hand between the tempting fleshy mounds. After such a slow and sensual experience it's inevitable that Kenton's dick will be making quite a mess, watch as he pleasures his shaft in his hand and enjoys his first climax of the day, teen semen spewing from his swollen tip to splash over his abs! There's just enough time to have another shower before heading to the gym, where he'll no doubt be shooting another load in the showers.

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What if Kenton saved that teen cum load for a few days or weeks? He could still stroke his raging hard on teen boy boner each day while practising cum denial for a while, say a week at least, until his big boy balls are aching for release & relief & itching to unload all that extra teen boy sperm. He has such a pretty & big uncut cock which makes cumdrooling cocksuckers weep.

This is so incredibly hot as Kenton has got to work his first teen cum load of the day, & cure the ache in his big throbbing rock hard nuts as he spunks. Kenton is such an Adonis, what with his magnificent physique, handsome young face, gorgeous blue eyes & blond hair, & really generously proportioned aesthetic throbbing hard big teen boy boner with intact foreskin to boot.

Don't you think the bathroom is a nice private place for him to jack his first teen cum load of the day, in seclusion & shielded from prying eyes? It's not as though anyone's gonna film this, as a strokes that big throbbing painfully hard uncut teen boy boner until it explodes squirting hot molten gobs of twink jizz every which way, so millions can feverishly masturbate while watching him.

I wish this was not his first teen cum load of the day, but instead it was like a five day load of twink jizz, or imagine if they made him wear a chastity cage over his huge gay fucking big dick, and you had the key. I think the only sort of chastity cage which would be worthy of such a beautiful horny twink boy would have to be made of solid gold. I have this mental image of him naked with his stiff young cock fully erected, and posing holding a sword. I have read stories about horny teen boys going to the gym to work out and when they are lifting weights and their muscles are all pumped and bulging they will actually ejaculate twink cum shots in their pants. He is like a hardy dream come true and he reminds me of why I love European gay porn so much. He is so fair skinned this dirty blond boy twink, blue eyed gay teen porn star. I wish he had sucked on something during this, like a lollipop or a dildo, or even his thumb would have been great too. I wish he was wearing a solid gold chastity cage and I had the key and he had to ask me unlock it for his weekly teen boys wanking.

It's not much fun critiquing doggy porn when they make everything perfect like this. This is long overdue because this beautiful horny twink boy has not been featured on this site for far too long. It looks like he came straight from the gym with his muscles bulging and he is built like a brick shit house, only not too bulky, just perfect, and check out his six pack. and his lovely alabaster skin the way it glistens like he is a marble sculpture. You combine that with his handsome face, like a movie idol, and as if that weren't all enough, too much really, he is blond with blue eyes like an angel. I don't think he made a boys jerking off solo before, but he came to make a deposit and donate sperm to the teen cum bank. He has a rock hard huge teen cock, but also really aesthetically shaped. It looks custom made for gay teen boys porn and they should use it as a template to manufacture teen boy dildos. He looks like a Greek god.

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